Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Onion Skins + Heuchera = A Fabulous Print!

Question: What do Onion Skins and a Heuchera Leaf have in common? Answer: The pattern below!

Heuchera Print - © Jamie Kalvestran

Step  #1 I boiled onion skins in water to create the dye bath
Step #2 - Dyed the fabric with the Onion Skin Dye
Step #3 - Chose the heuchera leaf to gel print on the eco dyed fabric
Step #4 - Made the gel print
Step #5 - Cropped a leaf of the print
Step #6 - Created a repeat to see how it looks. This one isn't as successful as the one above.

 All in a days work . . . actually a few days work!

"May my inspiration be your inspiration . . ." ~ Jamie KalvestranPin It

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